[linux-sunxi] Re: [PATCH] pinctrl: sunxi Ensure the correct pinctrl drivers are enabled

Maxime Ripard maxime.ripard at free-electrons.com
Thu May 8 17:41:06 PDT 2014


On Thu, May 08, 2014 at 11:56:33PM +0200, Linus Walleij wrote:
> On Thu, May 8, 2014 at 4:21 PM, Maxime Ripard
> <maxime.ripard at free-electrons.com> wrote:
> > I already posted a similar patch that is still pending. I was only
> > waiting for Linus to merge the branch I gave him to merge it in my
> > tree.
> I haven't recieved a branch :-(
> I don't know if the error is on my side ... I only have a mail stating you
> will send a pull request but not the pull request itself.
> Can you please resend the pull reques *and* include the fixup patch
> on that branch?

I resent the pull request without the patch because it depends on
something that is in my branch. I'd much prefer that you provide a
stable branch I can merge into my branch, and then, apply it myself.


Maxime Ripard, Free Electrons
Embedded Linux, Kernel and Android engineering
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