omap4-panda-es boot issues with v3.15-rc4

Roger Quadros rogerq at
Thu May 8 05:53:24 PDT 2014


Nishant pointed me to a booting issue with omap4-panda-es on linux-next but I'm observing
similar issues, although less frequent, with v3.15-rc4 as well.


- kernel v3.15-rc4 or linux-next (20140507)
- multi_v7_defconfig with LEDS_TRIGGER_HEARTBEAT and LEDS_GPIO enabled
- u-boot/master	173d294b94cf


- Out of 10 boots a few may not succeed and hang midway without any warnings. Heartbeat LED stops.

- Hang more noticeable on linux-next (20140507) than on v3.15-rc4

- Hang more noticeable with USB_EHCI_HCD enabled but hang observed even without USB_EHCI_HCD.
Maybe related to when high speed interrupts occur in the boot process.

- On successful boots following warning is seen
[    4.010375] gic_timer_retrigger: lost localtimer interrupt

- On successful boots heartbeat LED stops blinking after boot process and left idle. LED can remain stuck in
ON state as well. It does blink again when doing activity on console.


- Disabling CPU_IDLE or even just disabling C3 (MPU OSWR) seems to fix all the above issues.

I don't really know what exactly is the issue but it seems to be specific to OMAP4, GIC, MPU OSWR.


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