[PATCH v10 00/15] ARM: sunxi: Add driver for SD/MMC hosts found on Allwinner sunxi SoCs

Mike Turquette mturquette at linaro.org
Tue May 6 10:04:37 PDT 2014

Quoting Hans de Goede (2014-05-02 08:57:14)
> The first 2 patches are depenencies which should go in through the clk tree,
> Mike can you pick these 2 up please ?  :

Taken into clk-next.

> "clk: sunxi: factors: automatic reparenting support"
> Is uncontroversial and has been favorably reviewed by various people.
> "clk: sunxi: Implement MMC phase control"
> Is somewhat more controversial as there has been lots of discussion about
> adding a generic phase control method to the clk framework. The problem is
> that there has been a lot of talk about such a generic phase control method
> but not a single patch. Therefor I would like to move forwards with using
> a platform specific method for now. I hereby promise that once we've a generic
> method I'll write patches to convert the sunxi code to that method.

Thanks for the promise. I will hold you to it once the set_phase api is
sorted ;-)

Also thanks for the clear and concise cover letter. It is very helpful
when going through the tenth iteration of a series.


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