[PATCH] ARM: shmobile: henninger: specify EXTAL frequency

Simon Horman horms at verge.net.au
Thu May 1 19:30:12 PDT 2014

On Fri, May 02, 2014 at 02:56:33AM +0400, Sergei Shtylyov wrote:
> When creating the initial device tree for the Henninger board,  I've overlooked
> that EXTAL frequency needs to be overridden there. The 'sh-sci' driver  managed
> to work somehow but the SDHI driver that I've tried to enable just hanged with
> the default EXTAL frequency of 0...
> Signed-off-by: Sergei Shtylyov <sergei.shtylyov at cogentembedded.com>
> ---
> This patch is against 'renesas-devel-v3.15-rc3-20140429' tag of Simon Horman's
> 'renesas.git' repo.

Thanks, I have queued this up.

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