[PATCH V3 0/2] PTE fixes for ARM LPAE

Steve Capper steve.capper at linaro.org
Thu May 1 05:46:33 PDT 2014

On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 02:22:32PM +0000, Steve Capper wrote:
> This series fixes a couple of problems that I have come across on ARM
> with LPAE.
>  1) Some pte accessors can have their results cancelled out by a
>     downcast. This is addressed by the first patch.
>  2) It is impossible to distinguish between clean writable ptes and
>     read only ptes. This is addressed by the second patch.
> The big change in V3 is going back to the pte_isset macros, also an
> additional macro, pte_isclear, is introduced. For cases where the bits
> to be tested are in the lower 32-bits of the pte, the double logical
> invert is dropped.

Just a ping on this series.

If no-one has any objections, I was going to put this into the patch


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