[PATCH] i2c: mv64xxx: Fix compilation breakage

Gregory CLEMENT gregory.clement at free-electrons.com
Mon Mar 24 10:03:19 EDT 2014

Arnd, Olof, Kevin,

On 24/03/2014 14:33, Wolfram Sang wrote:
>>> Looping linux-next into the CC since this is the cause of the failure
>>> in orion5x_defconfig there, and no point in anyone else re-doing the
>>> same bisect.
>> I sent a fix for this that hasn't been picked up yet:
>> http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/linux-arm-kernel/2014-March/239069.html
>> IIRC, Wolfram's away until Monday, so I guess it will be merged some
>> time next week.
> I'd love to apply the fix but the reset framework update is not in
> linux-next yet.

I saw the there was a pull request resent last week. Is there any
reason to not have pulled it, yet?

I would really like that it was sorted out, because all the build using
the mvebu related defconfig fails since two weeks because of it now.

I am ready to help if you need it.


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