[GIT PULL v2] SOCFPGA updates for 3.15, version 2

Chris Ball chris at printf.net
Mon Mar 17 09:07:04 EDT 2014

Hi Arnd,

On Mon, Mar 17 2014, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> Chris, it would be nice if you could revert d9c3f5df539a "dts: socfpga: Add
> support for SD/MMC on the SOCFPGA platform" in your mmc tree now. The
> commit is now also present in arm-soc where it belongs, and we will get
> a merge conflict if we both carry it, due to the screwup on the
> sysmgr node.

I see, sorry about this.  I've pushed the revert to mmc-next now.

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <chris at printf.net>   <http://printf.net/>

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