[PATCH v5] can: xilinx CAN controller support.

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Mon Mar 10 11:15:42 EDT 2014

On Monday 10 March 2014 16:10:31 Marc Kleine-Budde wrote:
> >>> +config CAN_XILINXCAN
> >>> +   tristate "Xilinx CAN"
> >>> +   depends on ARCH_ZYNQ || MICROBLAZE
> >>
> >> Is Zynq multiarch already?
> > 
> > let me just answer this. Zynq is device with hardcoded dual arm cortex-a9 + some IPs
> > and programmable logic.
> > It means if you add Microblaze to PL or another CPU then you get multi architecture setup.
> Sorry for the confusion, I'm not talking about
> more-than-one-architecture-in-a-FPGA, but the feature of the ARM-Linux
> Kernel to run on different ARM architecture. For example, it's possible
> to start the same kernel on a freescale imx6 and a the new marvel ebu
> platform. If the Zynq Kernel supports this feature, too, we should not
> limit to ARCH_ZYNQ, but use ARM instead.

Zynq has been multiplatform capable from the start. Ideally we'd let
users build the driver for any architecture and specify the exact
dependencies, it doesn't even have to be limited to ARM.

You probably want something like

	config CAN_XILINX
	tristate "Xilinx CAN"
	depends on COMMON_CLK && HAS_MMIO  # whatever you need for other architectures


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