[PATCH v4] PHY: sunxi: Add driver for sunxi usb phy

Hans de Goede hdegoede at redhat.com
Wed Mar 5 02:16:28 EST 2014


On 03/05/2014 06:39 AM, Kishon Vijay Abraham I wrote:
> On Tuesday 04 March 2014 10:33 PM, Hans de Goede wrote:


>>> alright.. missed that earlier. Sorry.
>> So does this mean you're going to take v4 as is, or do you want me to add
>> the dev_err calls you've pointed out before (note I still prefer to not
>> add these, but if you insist...) ?
> You should have received a notification on it being merged to 'next'. didn't you?

Not that I remember, I think I'm not receiving these kinds of notifications
in general, except for when things hit one of gkh's trees.

Is this something done by your own scripts, or something which I should
get for every patch of mine which hits next? If it is the latter I'm definitely
not getting these, if it is just from you then I think I'm not getting them
either but I'm not 100% sure.



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