device tree: compilation of device tree sources

Varka Bhadram varkab at
Fri Jun 13 04:37:10 PDT 2014


I cloned the device tree git from:

When i try to compile the Makefile is throwing errors like this:

DTC     src/arc/abilis_tb100_dvk.dtb

dtc: invalid option -- 'i'


     dtc [options] <input file>



         This help text


         Quiet: -q suppress warnings, -qq errors, -qqq all

     -I <input format>

         Input formats are:

             dts - device tree source text

             dtb - device tree blob

             fs - /proc/device-tree style directory

     -o <output file>

     -O <output format>

         Output formats are:

             dts - device tree source text

             dtb - device tree blob

             asm - assembler source

     -V <output version>

         Blob version to produce, defaults to 17 (relevant for dtb

         and asm output only)

     -d <output dependency file>

     -R <number>

         Make space for <number> reserve map entries (relevant for

         dtb and asm output only)

     -S <bytes>

         Make the blob at least <bytes> long (extra space)

     -p <bytes>

         Add padding to the blob of <bytes> long (extra space)

     -b <number>

         Set the physical boot cpu


         Force - try to produce output even if the input tree has errors


         Sort nodes and properties before outputting (only useful for

         comparing trees)


         Print DTC version and exit

     -H <phandle format>

         phandle formats are:

             legacy - "linux,phandle" properties only

             epapr - "phandle" properties only

             both - Both "linux,phandle" and "phandle" properties

make[1]: *** [src/arc/abilis_tb100_dvk.dtb] Error 3

make: *** [all_arc] Error 2

The way of using the dtc command is wrong.

Varka Bhadram

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