[RFC PATCH] input, touch, atmel_mxt_ts: use atmel driver

Nick Dyer nick.dyer at itdev.co.uk
Wed Jun 11 05:06:51 PDT 2014

Heiko Schocher wrote:
> try to bring the driver from
> https://github.com/ndyer/linux for-next
> to mainline. Post this as a RFC, to see if this is possible...
> based on:
> commit dda0a5570574cfe467c1c794cf7a17e1d742ec02 ("Input:
> atmel_mxt_ts - implement improved debug message interface")
> from Nick Dyer <nick.dyer at itdev.co.uk>
> added:
> - remove some (not all) checkpatch warnings
> - Add support for voltage regulator
> - Add support for Device Tree support

My thinking has been that the maintainers will more likely accept a series
of small patches than to make such a huge change to the entire driver, my
for-next tree is where I'm working on this, and I plan to post another set
of 15 patches soon, when I've fixed up some issues to do with probe/remove

You should note that my for-next branch has moved on slightly since you
have taken this, because I have implemented device tree support and changed
the config download to use the request_firmware_async() function.

Your device tree stuff for mach-goni.c looks really useful, however - if
you can send me a patch for that against my current for-next branch I can
include it with my version of the device tree support.

all the best


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