[PATCH v3] ARM: KVM: Unmap IPA on memslot delete/move

Christoffer Dall christoffer.dall at linaro.org
Fri Jun 6 02:16:03 PDT 2014

On Fri, Jun 06, 2014 at 11:10:23AM +0200, Eric Auger wrote:
> Currently when a KVM region is deleted or moved after
> KVM_SET_USER_MEMORY_REGION ioctl, the corresponding
> intermediate physical memory is not unmapped.
> This patch corrects this and unmaps the region's IPA range
> in kvm_arch_commit_memory_region using unmap_stage2_range.
> Signed-off-by: Eric Auger <eric.auger at linaro.org>

I think I already acked it in the last version, if Marc is ok with it, I
can queue it for next.


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