[PATCH 2/2] ARM: mvebu: Added dts defintion for Lenovo Iomega ix4-300d NAS

Andrew Lunn andrew at lunn.ch
Thu Jul 24 06:29:54 PDT 2014

> > Well about the issue, we patch the device tree for the i2c quirk only for
> > the openblock AX3.
> Ahhh, that's right.  I need to slow down and dig a bit more. :(
> > If I remember well it was because the device tree was already written
> > for this board before we found there was an issue with the A0 version
> > of the CPU. 
> No, it's because we didn't think any manufacturers would be silly enough
> to use the a0 in production.  That assumption worked out well. :-P
> > The rule was that for new boards then they have to set the marvell,mv78230-a0-i2c
> > compatible string. I also didn't expect that we found "new" product using the A0 version.
> > 
> > We have 3 options now:
> > 
> > - remove the check on the openblock AX3 board and always try to apply the quirck for A0 version
> > - add a check for this new board in the mvebu_dt_init function
> > - let the compatible string marvell,mv78230-a0-i2c in this dts
> > 
> > I would prefer the option 1 but I fear that Arnd would prefer the 2 other options.
> I like option 1 and 3.  Option 3 is a *correct* description of the
> hardware, and should be done.  Option 1 makes Linux user-friendly for boards
> that are exactly the same, but changed out SoC stepping mid-production.

I would prefer 1 as well. It is the SoC that has the problem, not the
board. So we should not be making the quirk board specific.


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