[PATCH 2/2] ARM: mvebu: Added dts defintion for Lenovo Iomega ix4-300d NAS

Andrew Lunn andrew at lunn.ch
Wed Jul 23 15:58:41 PDT 2014

> For the marvell,mv78230-a0-i2c unfortunately i've spend 3 hours
> trying to understand this but it only works with this on the
> ix4-300d :(. There was multiple patch around this and maybe one
> broke the auto-detect part of this, I've tried compiling with some
> 3.10 or lower kernel but no luck here I still have to put this a0
> option.

Lets first confirm you have an a0 SoC.

At boot time, it should print:

pr_info("MVEBU SoC ID=0x%X, Rev=0x%X\n", soc_dev_id, soc_rev);

What revision do you have?

If the auto detect code really is broken, Gregory will likely take a


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