[PATCH v3 1/3] asm-generic/io.h: Implement generic {read,write}s*()

Sam Ravnborg sam at ravnborg.org
Sat Jul 19 01:41:52 PDT 2014

> > 
> > This set:
> > #define inb_p(addr)     inb(addr)
> > #define inw_p(addr)     inw(addr)
> > #define inl_p(addr)     inl(addr)
> > #define outb_p(x, addr) outb((x), (addr))
> > #define outw_p(x, addr) outw((x), (addr))
> > #define outl_p(x, addr) outl((x), (addr))
> > 
> > Should have a comment that say they are deprecated.
> > Especially the "b" variants still have many users.
> Are they? I don't remember ever seeing a reason to deprecate
> them. We could perhaps enclose them in #ifdef CONFIG_ISA, but
> there may also be some drivers that use the same code for ISA
> and PCI, and it doesn't really hurt on PCI.

It is my understanding that inl and inl_p are the same these days.
A quick grep indicate that only m68k define the
_p variant different from the other.
But I failed to find and description of the difference between the
two which is why I assumed they were identical and thus no need for both.


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