3.16rc3 multiplatform, Armada 370 and IOMMU: unbootable kernel

Gregory CLEMENT gregory.clement at free-electrons.com
Thu Jul 3 13:57:38 PDT 2014

Hi Thomas,

> Thanks for reproducing the problem. In my opinion, the problem is in
> drivers/iommu/omap-iommu.c, which gets compiled when
> CONFIG_OMAP_IOMMU=y. This file does:

I was also looking at it

> static int __init omap_iommu_init(void)
> {
>         struct kmem_cache *p;
>         const unsigned long flags = SLAB_HWCACHE_ALIGN;
>         size_t align = 1 << 10; /* L2 pagetable alignement */
>         p = kmem_cache_create("iopte_cache", IOPTE_TABLE_SIZE, align, flags,
>                               iopte_cachep_ctor);
>         if (!p)
>                 return -ENOMEM;
>         iopte_cachep = p;
>         bus_set_iommu(&platform_bus_type, &omap_iommu_ops);
>         return platform_driver_register(&omap_iommu_driver);
> }
> /* must be ready before omap3isp is probed */
> subsys_initcall(omap_iommu_init);
> So it calls bus_set_iommu() unconditionally, without caring at all
> whether it is running on a platform that actually cares about OMAP
> IOMMU. And then later on, a bus notifier of the IOMMU subsystem gets
> called, and some NULL pointer gets dereferenced. I'm pretty sure that
> if you comment out this subsys_initcall(), you won't see the problem
> anymore.

Indeed I comment it, and I didn't see the problem anymore.

> However, this code has been around since a while, so I don't know if
> it's actually the change that makes it visible. Maybe some other IOMMU
> core internal change makes it actually visible. But this
> subsys_initcall() that does random stuff without caring about the
> platform it runs on anyway looks incorrect.

I think that nobody until now have run this configuration.



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