[PATCH v2 07/12] usb: chipidea: add a generic driver

Sergei Shtylyov sergei.shtylyov at cogentembedded.com
Tue Jul 1 08:18:41 PDT 2014


On 07/01/2014 02:42 PM, Alexandre Belloni wrote:

>>>>> Well, there is nothing specific about the Berlin CI. Some subsystems
>>>>> use the 'generic' keyword in these cases. Do you see a particular reason
>>>>> I should use some Berlin related compatible here?

>>>> Not must, one suggestion is: can you change the compatible string
>>>> to "chipidea-usb-generic"?

>>> I don't know about ChipIdea/ARC/DW's product portfolio but I guess
>>> the compatible should also carry '2.0' or 'usb2' in it. Or we just
>>> use some version number like 'chipidea,ci13000' or 'chipidea,ci13xxx'.

>> The recommended format for compatible string is: "manufacturer,model",
>> I agree with "chipidea,ci13xxx", thanks.

> I think we should probably avoid using wildcards in the compatible
> string.

    I'm sure wildcards shouldn't be allowed there. :-)

WBR, Sergei

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