[PATCH] arm/rpc: avoid static keyword removal via define

Christian Borntraeger borntraeger at de.ibm.com
Wed Dec 17 06:20:17 PST 2014

Am 16.12.2014 um 12:40 schrieb Russell King - ARM Linux:
> On Tue, Dec 16, 2014 at 12:15:54PM +0100, Christian Borntraeger wrote:
>> Am 15.12.2014 um 09:48 schrieb Christian Borntraeger:
>>> commit 4486b86368d7 ("[ARM] riscpc: fix decompressor font file handling")
>>> introduced Makefile magic to avoid building a file two times. Using
>>> -Dstatic= does break some assumptions on compiler.h that were introduced
>>> for READ_ONCE.
>>> Lets just use sed on the copy instead of using a define.
>>> Signed-off-by: Christian Borntraeger <borntraeger at de.ibm.com>
>>> Cc: Russell King <linux at arm.linux.org.uk>
>> This fixed the linux-next build http://kisskb.ellerman.id.au/kisskb/target/1508/
>> Unless anybody complains, I will send the pull request for the access_once tree tomorrow and I have this patch applied on top.
> Please give me some time to look at this.

>From all builds, the only problematic case was the rpc_defconfig.
As I said, I want to send this series this merge window, so if you dont find the time to look into this before rc1, I can remove this patch from my queue and we solve this later?


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