[PATCH v2 0/1] net/macb: add TX multiqueue support for gem

Cyrille Pitchen cyrille.pitchen at atmel.com
Thu Dec 11 02:16:50 PST 2014


fix compilation warnings for netdev_vdbg("%u...", queue - bp->queues, ...) calls

At the first look this patch may look quite big but it cannot be splitted.
Each queue has its own dedicated IRQ, which should be handled.
Also the Transmit Base Queue Pointer register of each available queue must be
initialized before starting the transmission, otherwise the transmission will be
halted immediately as HRESP errors are likely to occur.
In addition, some fields had to be moved from struct macb into struct macb_queue
so a common code could manage the queues.

This patch was applied to net-next and tested on a sama5d36ek board, which embeds
both macb and gem IPs, to check the backward compatibility.

Also it was tested on a sama5dx FPGA platform with a gem designed to use 3 queues.
Then we used the tc program to set a queue discipline policy as describe in the
Documentation/networking/multiqueue.txt: we successfully used each queue.

Cyrille Pitchen (1):
  net/macb: add TX multiqueue support for gem

 drivers/net/ethernet/cadence/macb.c | 451 +++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
 drivers/net/ethernet/cadence/macb.h |  71 +++++-
 2 files changed, 358 insertions(+), 164 deletions(-)


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