ARM page tables

Mason at
Wed Dec 10 01:41:24 PST 2014

Hello Russel,

Russell King wrote:

> Mason wrote:
>> What's the name of the address of the page table?
> swapper_pg_dir

Got it.

  * swapper_pg_dir is the virtual address of the initial page table.
.equ  swapper_pg_dir, KERNEL_RAM_VADDR - PG_DIR_SIZE


PAGE_OFFSET = 0xC0000000
TEXT_OFFSET = $(textofs-y) = 0x00008000
PG_DIR_SIZE = 0x4000

Thus, in my case, swapper_pg_dir = 0xC0004000

> As we can see above, you asked for 0x00200000 bytes to be mapped from
> 0xf0800000.  So, 0xf0800000 to 0xf09fffff will be mapped.  The address
> which you are accessing falls within this range.
> So, there's a valid mapping.  Assuming nothing on the bus raises an
> external abort, accesses to this address will succeed.

I was looking so hard for the tree, that I completely missed the forest.
Thanks for clearing my confusion.

By the way, wrt to the thread "Creating 16 MB super-sections for MMIO".
I'm thinking of writing a quick-and-dirty patch to test the impact on
our SoC of using a super-section for the 0-16MB region. Would there be
any interest in mainlining that?


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