regression: OMAP4 (next-20141204) (bisect to: ARM: 8208/1: l2c: Refactor the driver to use commit-like)

Nishanth Menon nm at
Mon Dec 8 05:54:08 PST 2014

On 12/08/2014 06:22 AM, Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 08, 2014 at 08:54:18PM +0900, Tomasz Figa wrote:
>> 2014-12-06 1:23 GMT+09:00 Russell King - ARM Linux <linux at>:
>>> Given where we are in the cycle (-final likely this weekend) the only
>>> thing we can do right now is to drop the patch set; exynos (and mvebu)
>>> will have to wait another cycle until this patch set (hopefully in a
>>> revised form) can be merged.
>> Or a fix could be queued on top of this. Since (I believe) this series
>> has been queued for 3.19, we have 6 or 7 RC releases ahead, which
>> could be used for the purpose of fixing things (as they are supposed
>> to?).
> They were merged on 27th November, so they would've been in linux-next
> from about last Monday.  Nishanth reported a failure on Friday, the

For what ever it is worth, the l2c changes actually appeared on
Thursday CST (next-20141204). Found the regression against
next-20141203 tag and it took me a day to track it down (after looking
at a few other regressions as well)..


Nishanth Menon

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