[PATH V2 1/6] mm: Introduce a general RCU get_user_pages_fast.

Will Deacon will.deacon at arm.com
Wed Aug 27 01:54:42 PDT 2014

Hi Steve,

A few minor comments (took me a while to understand how this works, so I
thought I'd make some noise :)

On Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 04:43:27PM +0100, Steve Capper wrote:
> get_user_pages_fast attempts to pin user pages by walking the page
> tables directly and avoids taking locks. Thus the walker needs to be
> protected from page table pages being freed from under it, and needs
> to block any THP splits.
> One way to achieve this is to have the walker disable interrupts, and
> rely on IPIs from the TLB flushing code blocking before the page table
> pages are freed.
> On some platforms we have hardware broadcast of TLB invalidations, thus
> the TLB flushing code doesn't necessarily need to broadcast IPIs; and
> spuriously broadcasting IPIs can hurt system performance if done too
> often.
> This problem has been solved on PowerPC and Sparc by batching up page
> table pages belonging to more than one mm_user, then scheduling an
> rcu_sched callback to free the pages. This RCU page table free logic
> has been promoted to core code and is activated when one enables
> HAVE_RCU_TABLE_FREE. Unfortunately, these architectures implement
> their own get_user_pages_fast routines.
> The RCU page table free logic coupled with a an IPI broadcast on THP
> split (which is a rare event), allows one to protect a page table
> walker by merely disabling the interrupts during the walk.

Disabling interrupts isn't completely free (it's a self-synchronising
operation on ARM). It would be interesting to see if your futex workload
performance is improved by my simple irq_save optimisation for ARM:


(I've been struggling to show anything other than tiny improvements from
that patch).

> This patch provides a general RCU implementation of get_user_pages_fast
> that can be used by architectures that perform hardware broadcast of
> TLB invalidations.
> It is based heavily on the PowerPC implementation by Nick Piggin.


> diff --git a/mm/gup.c b/mm/gup.c
> index 91d044b..2f684fa 100644
> --- a/mm/gup.c
> +++ b/mm/gup.c
> @@ -10,6 +10,10 @@
>  #include <linux/swap.h>
>  #include <linux/swapops.h>
> +#include <linux/sched.h>
> +#include <linux/rwsem.h>
> +#include <asm/pgtable.h>
> +
>  #include "internal.h"
>  static struct page *no_page_table(struct vm_area_struct *vma,
> @@ -672,3 +676,277 @@ struct page *get_dump_page(unsigned long addr)
>  	return page;
>  }
>  #endif /* CONFIG_ELF_CORE */
> +
> +

Do we actually require this (pte special) if hugepages are disabled or
not supported?


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