arm64 audit build failures in -next

Richard Guy Briggs rgb at
Sun Aug 24 13:51:28 PDT 2014

On 14/08/23, Mark Brown wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 23, 2014 at 04:11:20PM +0100, Build bot for Mark Brown wrote:
> > 	arm64-allmodconfig
> > ../arch/arm64/kernel/ptrace.c:1120:3: error: too many arguments to function 'audit_syscall_entry'
> This has now been broken in -next for about a month with a fix available
> and since the merge window the arm64 audit support is in mainline so the
> fix can be directly applied without cross tree issues (the audit changes
> didn't get sent during the merge window).  Catalin and Will have also
> indicated that they want to remove the workaround that's in -next
> currently to allow defconfig to build which would make the situation
> even more pressing.
> Do we have any idea when it will be possible to get a fix into -next?

It will be able to get into -next after eparis has reset his tree to
reference v3.16 targetting v3.18-rc1.  That should be in just over a
week's time.


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