[PATCH] drivers: pci: convert generic host controller to DT host bridge creation API

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Wed Aug 20 04:27:57 PDT 2014

On Tuesday 12 August 2014, Liviu Dudau wrote:
> +       return of_create_pci_host_bridge(dev, 0, 0xff, &gen_pci_ops,
> +                                       gen_pci_setup, pci);

I had not noticed it earlier, but the setup callback is actually a feature
of the arm32 PCI code that I had hoped to avoid when moving to the
generic API. Can we do this as a more regular sequence of

	ret = of_create_pci_host_bridge(dev, 0, 0xff, &gen_pci_ops, pci);
	if (ret)
		return ret;

	ret = gen_pci_setup(pci);
	if (ret)
		pci_destroy_host_bridge(dev, pci);
	return ret;



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