Oops: 17 SMP ARM (v3.16-rc2)

Mattis Lorentzon Mattis.Lorentzon at autoliv.com
Thu Aug 14 22:42:12 PDT 2014


> Do the stalls also happen on a pure 3.16 kernel?

Yes, we just tried this out overnight and we get the same stalls here.
We have seen similar problems on a Zynq-based board. It might be
worth noting that a common chip between all three boards is, for
example, the KSZ9021RN, while the FEC driver, for example, only
runs on the two iMX6-boards.

> How can we reproduce the error?

We mostly run SSH with benchmarks using NFS, it can probably be
triggered by using only SSH with the following loop:

# while : ; do ssh arm-card date; done

Our (pure) 3.16 kernel uses the following config.

(We have quite generously disabled a lot of sub-systems in our config.)

Best regards,
Mattis Lorentzon

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