[PATCH 0/8] mtd: nand: Support for new DT NAND driver

pekon at pek-sem.com pekon at pek-sem.com
Wed Aug 13 08:44:14 PDT 2014

Hello Lee,

On Wednesday 13 August 2014 02:41 PM, Lee Jones wrote:
> Hi Brian, Pekon,
> I believe all of your queries have either been answered or addressed
> and I am hoping this will be the last submission. :)
> /me crosses fingers!
> Kind regards,
> Lee
> Lee Jones (8):
>    ARM: multi-v7: Enable ST BCH NAND
>    ARM: sti: Add two new clock definitions for use with ST's NAND
>      controllers
>    ARM: sti: Add BCH (NAND Flash) Controller support for STiH41x 
> (Orly)
>      SoCs
>    ARM: sti: Enable BCH NAND for STiH416 B2020-RevE
>    mtd: nand: stm_nand_bch: provide Device Tree documentation
>    mtd: nand: add shared register defines for ST's NAND Controller
>      drivers
>    mtd: nand: stm_nand_bch: add support for ST's BCH NAND controller
>    mtd: nand: stm_nand_bch: provide ST's implementation of Back Block
>      Table

Couldn't review the last [Patch 8/8] for ST's BBT implementation as
I'm not familiar with it. But other patches look good. So for them

Reviewed-By: Pekon Gupta <pekon at pek-sem.com>

with regards, pekon

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