[PATCH 0/4] irqchip: gic-v2m: Rework GICv2m Initialization

Jason Cooper jason at lakedaemon.net
Mon Aug 11 07:54:09 PDT 2014


On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 01:30:50PM +0000, Suthikulpanit, Suravee wrote:
> Jason already created a branch irqchip/gic-v2m, which I have created
> my patch against.  So, what branch do you want me to re-create a patch
> against for you to review?

Ideally, against v3.17-rc1.  That's a few weeks away, though.  In the
mean time, please base against irqchip/core.  It has the relevant
patches that are going to be in v3.17-rc1.



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