[3.13.y.z extended stable] Patch "locking/mutex: Disable optimistic spinning on some architectures" has been added to staging queue

Andev debiandev at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 19:00:39 PDT 2014

On Wed, Aug 6, 2014 at 9:55 PM, Kamal Mostafa <kamal at canonical.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 2014-08-06 at 14:30 -0700, Davidlohr Bueso wrote:
>> Well 3.13.y.z isn't an Ubuntu kernel, its upstream, and those archs
>> *are* supported.
> Davidlohr's answer is correct: This is not an "Ubuntu kernel".
> 3.13.y.z is an "extended stable" kernel which follows the same rules as
> the kernel.org official stable kernels.  It contains no Ubuntu-specific
> patches, and supports the same arch's as mainline.
> More details about this and the other Canonical-funded-and-hosted
> "extended stable" kernel versions is available here:
>> For more information about the 3.13.y.z tree, see
>> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Dev/ExtendedStable

OK, thank you for clarification. I was unsure as this is not hosted on
kernel.org, I thought it was a Ubuntu specific kernel.

So we have the following stable kernels as of now:

3.10, 3.12, 3.13, 3.14, 3.15(for a few days), 3.16!


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