[Linaro-acpi] [PATCH v2 00/18] Introduce ACPI for ARM64 based on ACPI 5.1

Hanjun Guo hanjun.guo at linaro.org
Mon Aug 4 20:34:10 PDT 2014

On 2014-8-5 1:30, Alexander Spyridakis wrote:
> On 4 August 2014 17:28, Hanjun Guo <hanjun.guo at linaro.org
> <mailto:hanjun.guo at linaro.org>> wrote:
>> ACPI 5.1 has been released and now be freely available for
>> download [1]. It fixed some major gaps to run ACPI on ARM,
>> this patch just follow the ACPI 5.1 spec and prepare the
>> code to run ACPI on ARM64.
> Hello,


> Is this work still reproducible on Foundation and/or ARMv8 FVP models, as
> described in the following wiki page?
> https://wiki.linaro.org/LEG/Engineering/Kernel/ACPI

Yes, I think so. If you meet any problem , please let us know, and we will
update the wiki.

> Should I assume that UEFI is mandatory (alternative being the aarch64
> bootwrapper), as described in Documentation/arm64/arm-acpi.txt?

Yes, UEFI is mandatory if you want to use ACPI.

> Thanks in advance.

You are welcome :)


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