[PATCH] tty: serial: omap: Remove probe error message

Markus Pargmann mpa at pengutronix.de
Mon Aug 4 05:59:38 PDT 2014

This error message is not necessary. The driver core code will print all
probe error messages. It also resolves some error codes to proper error
messages. For example -EPROBE_DEFER will only be printed as an info message.

This patch removes the error message as the core prints the same

Signed-off-by: Markus Pargmann <mpa at pengutronix.de>
 drivers/tty/serial/omap-serial.c | 2 --
 1 file changed, 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/tty/serial/omap-serial.c b/drivers/tty/serial/omap-serial.c
index d017cec8a34a..a153bad142c8 100644
--- a/drivers/tty/serial/omap-serial.c
+++ b/drivers/tty/serial/omap-serial.c
@@ -1733,8 +1733,6 @@ err_add_port:
-	dev_err(&pdev->dev, "[UART%d]: failure [%s]: %d\n",
-				pdev->id, __func__, ret);
 	return ret;

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