[PATCH] clk: tegra: provide tegra_periph_reset_assert alternative

Stephen Warren swarren at wwwdotorg.org
Mon Jun 24 14:50:24 EDT 2013

On 06/21/2013 02:32 PM, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> We have some tegra device drivers that are written to be platform
> independent but still use the tegra specific tegra_periph_reset_assert
> function. In order to build and link them without errors,
> this provides a static inline version of these functions that
> does nothing when Tegra support is disabled.

> diff --git a/include/linux/clk/tegra.h b/include/linux/clk/tegra.h

> +#ifdef ARCH_TEGRA

That should be CONFIG_ARCH_TEGRA, right? Sorry I didn't notice that
before. This causes the Tegra i2c driver to fail on some platforms in
next-20130624, resulting in a BUG() during boot.

Do you want to amend this patch, or should I send a fixup?

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