[PATCH 3/9] ARM: dma-mapping: convert DMA direction into IOMMU protection attributes

Will Deacon will.deacon at arm.com
Wed Jun 19 04:52:02 EDT 2013

On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 09:37:03AM +0100, Marek Szyprowski wrote:
> Hello,

Hi Marek,

> On 6/10/2013 8:34 PM, Will Deacon wrote:
> > IOMMU mappings take a prot parameter, identifying the protection bits
> > to enforce on the newly created mapping (READ or WRITE). The ARM
> > dma-mapping framework currently just passes 0 as the prot argument,
> > resulting in faulting mappings.
> >
> > This patch infers the protection attributes based on the direction of
> > the DMA transfer.
> >
> > Cc: Marek Szyprowski <m.szyprowski at samsung.com>
> > Signed-off-by: Will Deacon <will.deacon at arm.com>
> Thanks for fixing this issue. Could I take this patch to my dma-mapping tree
> with other dma-mapping changes I've collected recently or do you want my ack
> and push it via other tree?

Please, feel free to take it via the dma-mapping tree! That's probably the
best route for it and there's nothing that really depends on it anyway.



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