[PATCH RFC 2/8] DRM: Armada: Add Armada DRM driver

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 19:24:16 EDT 2013

>> That makes the driver just be a dumb scanout only driver.  Sorry,
>> that *really* does not interest me one bit, because the CPU doing
>> framebuffer accesses is pig slow.
> Well, yes that is basically what I am saying, unless we can find a
> different way (dmabuf? if there is some way to pass it through the
> blob bits you don't have src code for?)
> The problem is that we really can't merge something upstream that lets
> you dma to arbitrary physical address.  Maybe in staging, perhaps?  Or
> otherwise if there is no other way, I hope someone will at least pick
> up the modesetting parts of it and get that merged upstream.  The rest
> of the driver is looking pretty good, and I think it would be useful
> to have upstream.

Totally what he said.

upstream shouldn't be restricted by the bad decisions of others, and
adding security bypasses is one of them.

I'd like to see all the ARM based drivers based on CMA if it can meet
their requirements
and using close to standard GEM/dma-buf interfaces. Otherwise it'll be
come an unmaintainable
nightmare for everyone, but mostly for me.

Merging the base dumb KMS driver, then working out acceptable ways to
provide the extra
features is definitely the nicest way to do things.


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