Defining schemas for Device Tree

Stephen Warren swarren at
Wed Jul 31 15:57:37 EDT 2013

On 07/30/2013 05:23 PM, jonsmirl at wrote:
> Uboot could be an issue but I don't think they are actually doing
> anything with FDTs yet, they are just talking about doing it.

A couple U-Boot platforms (Tegra, Exynos) actually use DT to
parameterize U-Boot itself, just like the kernel uses it, although:

* often the bindings used there are not the "real" bindings defined in
the kernel:-(

* They use a DTB embedded into the U-Boot binary, which is a different
DTB to that passed to the kernel, which at least in the Tegra case is
always loaded from disk e.g. from /boot, just like zImage is.

U-Boot certainly passes DTs to the kernel, and performs some limited
modification on it such as setting the kernel cmdline, memory size, etc.

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