[Ksummit-2013-discuss] DT bindings as ABI [was: Do we have people interested in device tree janitoring / cleanup?]

Mark Brown broonie at kernel.org
Sun Jul 28 13:41:27 EDT 2013

On Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 11:50:19AM -0400, jonsmirl at gmail.com wrote:

> "furture proof" is much easier to say that it is to do. We've been
> messing around with the audio bindings for three years and still don't
> have a really good scheme. It is pretty easy to come up with the first
> 90% of a device tree. It is really hard to work out that last 10%.

I wouldn't say that for audio - we've got a pretty solid idea of what's
going on and little if any churn.  If some more of the subsystems that
we rely on were working well we could do a bit more but it's mostly just
extensions of where we're at now.
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