[PATCH 06/14] ARM: twd: data endian fix

Ben Dooks ben.dooks at codethink.co.uk
Wed Jul 24 11:06:58 EDT 2013

On 24/07/13 15:49, Will Deacon wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 11:27:54AM +0100, Ben Dooks wrote:
>> Ensure the twd driver uses the correct calls to access the hardware
>> to ensure that we do not end up with data in the wrong endian format.
>> Signed-off-by: Ben Dooks<ben.dooks at codethink.co.uk>
> Reviewed-by: Will Deacon<will.deacon at arm.com>
> There are a bunch of other __raw_* users under arch/arm/, but I suppose we
> can let other people move those over as they see fit. It wouldn't hurt to
> fix arch/arm/include/asm/{cti,hardware/coresight.h} though.

I didn't think to look for things under there.

Do people think it would be worth just changing __raw_read/__raw_write
functions to also take into account endian-ness?

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