[PATCH] bcm53xx: initial support for the BCM5301/BCM470X SoC with ARM CPU

Christian Daudt csd at broadcom.com
Tue Jul 23 20:10:52 EDT 2013

On 13-07-23 12:22 PM, Matt Porter wrote:
>>>> the bcm281x/kona family support code be merged and use "bcm" there, without
>>>> registering it. Besides, a simple rule of number here wins:
>>>> git grep "brcm," * | wc -l
>>>> 63
>>>> git grep "bcm," * | wc -l
>>>> 25
>>>> (as of Linux 3.11-rc1)
>>>> So consistency we should get the bcm281x/kona DT bindings to rename their
>>>> vendor prefix as well.
>>> I believe getting this "right" is far more important than the difference
>>> in churn of a mere 38 instances of use of brcm. "Right" is two things:
>>> 1) it needs to be consistent 2) it should be what makes sense.
>> I agree, which is the reason why I would stick with the vendor prefix
>> and end the story there.
> It doesn't end there. An update to all the in process stuff has to
> happen, plus the upstream stuff. So in both cases there are changes to
> be made both upstream and with work-in-progress. The only difference is
> that I was suggesting an update to correct the prefix in
> vendor-prefixes.txt.
> However, if I'm the only one that cares enough to speak up for "bcm"
> I'll abandon that and submit the patch to adjust bcm281xx to be
> compliant with the current state of vendor-prefixes.txt. :)
bcm has been used internally but not consistently - about as 
consistently as brcm has been used in upstream :) Given that I've 
submitted most/all of the non-compliant code, I'll send a patch 
rectifying it and request internal team to switch to using brcm, for 
devicetree bindings, as atonement. If Matt doesn't beat me to it...


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