updates for be8 patch series

Ben Dooks ben.dooks at codethink.co.uk
Mon Jul 22 12:33:49 EDT 2013

I've updated the BE8 patch series after running further tests on the
kernel. I found an issue with the alignment handler (and I believe the
same issue with the trap handler).

I also ran tests with the module loader, which shows that if we are
in BE8 that it needs to fix up the relocations. Also the modules need
to be built --be8 otherwise they cannot be easily relocated when loaded.

Should patches 3 and 4 be together (ie, alter the LDFLAGS and the
module.c) and have I got the correct LDLAGS?

Comments and testing welcome. I will push out a new series later with
these in and possibly rebased on 3.11-rc2.

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