[PATCH 1/3] misc: Add crossbar driver

Tony Lindgren tony at atomide.com
Fri Jul 19 03:17:29 EDT 2013

> On Thursday 18 July 2013 02:56 PM, Nishanth Menon wrote:
> Since the cross-bar is not limited t0 IRQ lines and applicable for
> DMA request lines as well, making it IRQ chip doesn't make sense. Its
> not typical pin control functionality either but at least that framework
> is much closer to consider as an option.
> Actually its more of setting up the IRQ and DMA pins maps once
> at boot for a given SOC based on chosen configuration by the
> board. So I am leaning towards pinctrl as well. Just haven't
> thought enough about whether thats the best approach.
> CC'ing Linus W and Tony L whether we can use pinctrl framework
> for such an IP and if yes how ;-).

If it really muxes signals then using pinctrl seems logical.
Especially if the registers are in the SCM block.

It might be already possible to handle it already with
pinctrl-single,bits for the muxing part.



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