[PATCH 0/4] MCPM backends updates

Nicolas Pitre nicolas.pitre at linaro.org
Wed Jul 17 23:28:32 EDT 2013

Patch 1:
Fixes to the existing Vexpress DCSCB backend.

Patch 2:
Lorenzo's minimal SPC driver required by the TC2 MCPM backend.
As discussed on the list, this is not considered to be a MFD driver.
This hardly qualify as a bus driver either.  Conceptually, this is
a very platform specific register multiplex driver allowing subsystem
drivers to hook into.  I therefore moved it to drivers/platform/vexpress/.

Patch 3:
This is the MCPM backend enabling SMP secondary boot and CPU hotplug
on the VExpress TC2 big.LITTLE platform.

Patch 4:
Add MCPM suspend method to the TC2 backend allowing basic CPU idle/suspend.
The cpuidle driver that hooks into this will be submitted separately.

The TC2 MCPM patches have been reviewed here:

The latest SPC driver discussion is here:


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