[PATCH -next 2/2] kbuild: fix for updated LZ4 tool with the new streaming format

Florian Fainelli florian at openwrt.org
Fri Jul 12 08:34:38 EDT 2013


2013/7/12 Borislav Petkov <bp at alien8.de>:
> On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 04:18:10AM -0700, Andrew Morton wrote:
>> Well y'know, if whining fixed bugs then there would be no problem here
>> at all.
> I know. I decided to whine this time and not try to fix it because
> attempting to fix every fallout I'm seeing in the tree with randconfigs
> is a full-time job and the *actual* job doesn't see any progress.
> And in all fairness, if someone were reporting an issue against my code,
> I'll try to do my very best to fix it as quickly aas possible, instead
> of ignoring it.
> So actually, the right thing to do in such cases is back out half-cooked
> stuff from the tree until it gets fixed. That'll give the authors the
> right incentive. But this is just me.
>> This problem came up briefly and I thought it had been adequately
>> addressed. Now a month or two later we find out who are the people who
>> can't be bothered testing -next, but think it terribly important that
>> others do so.
> Yeah, if everyone would put their money where their mouth is...

Shall we provide a shell script wrapper for all of these compressor
commands which would test for the utility presence and issue a BIG FAT
WARNING if not, but still create the file not to make the kernel build
fail? I guess we could probably do this in the Makefile directly as

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