SPI: DUAL/QUAD support

Sourav Poddar sourav.poddar at ti.com
Fri Jul 5 04:55:15 EDT 2013

On Friday 05 July 2013 02:18 PM, yuhang wang wrote:
>> To add to all the discussion going on,
>> I am using a qspi controller with a spansion flash device.
>> I tried using quad read mode bit, and what is required to change in
>> my case is the following:
>> 1. enable quad mode in flash configuration register.
>> 2. change my read opcode to QUAD READ opcode according to flash datasheet.
>> 3. Configure my qspi controller cmd reg to use 6 PIN whenever quad mode is
>> used.
> Sorry, to the third point I am still not very clear. The first time,
> spi controller should send
> QUAD READ opcode to your spansion flash with 1 line, then receive datas from
> flash with 4 lines. So how does your controller master this process
> automatically.
> Please give me some details.
Its like, you pass txbuf and rxbuf from the spi core to your controller
driver. So, if your txbuf is not null then configure the controller
cmd register with WRITE_SINGLE and if rxbuf is not null then
configure the controller cmd register with READ_QUAD.

Something like this,
                 if (txbuf) {
                         dra7xxx_writel_data(qspi, *txbuf++,
                                 QSPI_SPI_DATA_REG, wlen);
                         dra7xxx_writel(qspi, qspi->dc, QSPI_SPI_DC_REG);
                         dra7xxx_writel(qspi, qspi->cmd | QSPI_WR_SNGL,
                 if (rxbuf) {
                         printk("rx cmd %08x dc %08x\n",
                                 qspi->cmd | QSPI_RD_QUAD, qspi->dc);
                         dra7xxx_writel(qspi, INT_EN, 
                         dra7xxx_writel(qspi, qspi->dc, QSPI_SPI_DC_REG);
                     if (!quad_mode)
                             dra7xxx_writel(qspi, qspi->cmd | QSPI_RD_SNGL,
                             dra7xxx_writel(qspi, qspi->cmd | QSPI_RD_QUAD,
> Thanks

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