[RFC 0/4] Cleanup PRM and CM regbit headers

Rajendra Nayak rnayak at ti.com
Fri Jul 5 01:43:04 EDT 2013

On Thursday 04 July 2013 10:14 PM, Paul Walmsley wrote:
> You mentioned that these patches were generated with some kind of awk/grep 
> scripting.  Can you integrate that in an automated way into the 
> autogeneration flow?  If the answer is yes, then keep the header.  If the 
> answer is no, then the header should be dropped.  Benoît, maybe you have 
> an opinion too?

Ok, I'll try and integrate those scripts so all this can be done in an
automated way even for newer SoCs.

> As far as whether this should go in -rcX or not, my view is that, as a 
> matter of policy, large changes like this should wait until v3.12.  Now, 
> having written that, I also was under the impression that the OMAP5 
> changes weren't going to be sent upstream unless the total diffstat would 
> be balanced to roughly zero or negative lines.  As far as I know, that 
> didn't happen.  So I guess, v3.11-rc it is...  kernel development by 
> diffstat :-(

I don't mind these going in -rcX or 3.12, either way is fine.
> Finally, please repost the whole series once you're done with your 
> changes, as a non-RFC, along with your pull request (if you plan to send 
> one).  I guess I should be the one to take these, since I wound up taking 
> the OMAP5 addition...

:) I thought so too that you should be the one sending the pull.
I will post these out as non-RFC after I do a clean integration into
the autogen scripts, and then you can take a call on sending the pull for
either -rcX or 3.12

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