[PATCH 2/7] clk: tegra: Use common of_clk_init() function

Prashant Gaikwad pgaikwad at nvidia.com
Thu Jan 31 23:49:47 EST 2013

On Friday 25 January 2013 10:14 AM, Stephen Warren wrote:
> On 01/24/2013 04:57 PM, Mike Turquette wrote:
>> Quoting Stephen Warren (2013-01-24 11:32:37)
>>> On 01/24/2013 11:20 AM, Mike Turquette wrote:
>>>> Quoting Prashant Gaikwad (2013-01-04 18:44:48)
>>>>> On Friday 04 January 2013 10:00 PM, Stephen Warren wrote:
>>>>>> On 01/04/2013 12:00 AM, Prashant Gaikwad wrote:
>>>>>>> Use common of_clk_init() function for clocks initialization.
>>>>>>>    drivers/clk/tegra/clk-tegra20.c |    3 ++-
>>>>>>>    drivers/clk/tegra/clk-tegra30.c |    3 ++-
>>>>>> Oh, so this series is written assuming that the Tegra CCF rework is
>>>>>> already applied then? That makes the dependencies quite painful, since I
>>>>>> think we'll end up with the following order being needed:
>>>>>> 1) clk: Add composite clock type
>>>>>>      -> This would usually go through the clk tree.
>>>>>> 2) The Tegra CCF rework series
>>>>>>      -> This must go through the Tegra tree due to lots of dependencies
>>>>>>      and merge conflicts with other Tegra patches.
>>>>>> 3) This series
>>>>>>      -> This would usually go through the clk tree.
>>>>>> Is it possible to re-order the dependencies as (1) (3) (2), so that Mike
>>>>>> can apply (1) and (3) to the clock tree, then I can use the clk tree as
>>>>>> the basis for a branch in the Tegra tree to apply (2) and all the other
>>>>>> Tegra patches that will conflict with (2)?
>>>>> If Mike approves the concept and implementation in (1) and (3) then I
>>>>> will repost (2) and (3) with dependencies re-ordered.
>>>> Patch (1) still has some unaddressed comments, and is not a real
>>>> dependency for this series.
>>> I assume "Patch (1)" refers to the list of series a couple emails above,
>>> not the first patch in the series you're replying to; that threw me for
>>> a moment.
>>>> Since all of the patches have received their
>>>> Tested-by's then I propose to merge all patches from this series into
>>>> clk-next, which exception of patch 2/7 (the Tegra patch).
>>>> This reduces your Tegra CCF conversion dependencies and you can role the
>>>> necessary of_clk_init change into your Tegra CCF conversion branch (it
>>>> has my implicit Ack and can be taken through your tree).
>>>> Let me know if this is OK for you.
>>> OK, I'm happy to merge your clock tree into the Tegra tree and then
>>> apply 2/7 on top of the Tegra CCF work.
>> Hmm, maybe the clk tree needs to be a dependency branch of arm-soc
>> again, as it has in the past.  Would that help with any Tegra merge
>> pain?
> Yes, I think that's what would end up happening if I merge the clk tree
> into the Tegra tree anyway.

Hi Mike,

Have you merged these patches for 3.9?

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