[PATCH] clk: mvebu: Do not gate ge0/1 and runit clocks on Kirkwood

Andrew Lunn andrew at lunn.ch
Sun Jan 27 10:28:37 EST 2013

> Except for loosing the MAC address, I disagree. From a "clock gating"
> point-of-view all kirkwoods (except that crippled one on keymile board)
> are the same. Even if there is no/one/two ethernet _jacks_ on a specific
> board you still want to disable all _unused_ ethernet modules inside the
> SoC.
> We should find a way to retain the MAC address and in the meantime we
> can add a "always prepare ge clocks" workaround in
> kirkwood_clk_legacy_init().

Hi Sebastian

I've been thinking the same, store the MAC address before turning the
clock off and restore it when enabling the clock. We have a need for
special clocks on kirkwood anyway for turning off the sata and pcie
PHYs. So adding special clocks for ethernet is not too big a deal.


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