OMAP baseline test results for v3.8-rc4

Paul Walmsley paul at
Sun Jan 20 16:38:21 EST 2013

Here are some basic OMAP test results for Linux v3.8-rc4.
Logs and other details at:

Test summary

Boot to userspace:
    Pass ( 9/11): 2420n800, 2430sdp, 3517evm, 3530es3beagle,
  	   	  3730beaglexm, 37xxevm, 4430es2panda, 5912osk,
    FAIL ( 2/11): am335xbone, cmt3517 
PM ret/off, suspend + dynamic idle:
    Pass (3/3): 3530es3beagle, 3730beaglexm, 37xxevm

PM ret, suspend + dynamic idle:
    Pass (1/2): 4460pandaes
    FAIL (1/2): 4430es2panda

PM ret, dynamic idle:
    FAIL (1/1): 2430sdp

Failing tests: fixed by posted patches


* 2420N800: powers down 30 seconds after boot
  - Presumably due to missing CBUS patches for watchdog control

Failing tests: needing investigation

Boot tests:

* am335xbone: hangs after "Starting kernel"
  - Cause unknown

* 3517EVM & CM-T3517: boot hangs with NFS root
  - Likely some Kconfig, board file, and PM issues with EMAC
  - Longstanding bug

* CM-T3517: boot hangs with MMC root
  - Due to missing MMC setup in board file

Boot warnings:

* 3530es3beagle, 3730beaglexm, 37xxevm: nand_scan_ident() warning
  - "at drivers/mtd/nand/nand_base.c:2861 nand_scan_ident+0xdb4/0xf90()"

* CM-T3517: L3 in-band error with IPSS during boot
  - Cause unknown but see
  - Longstanding issue; does not occur on the 3517EVM

PM tests:

* 2430sdp: pwrdm state mismatch(dsp_pwrdm) 0 != 3
  - need to doublecheck wakeup dependencies

* 2430sdp: power domains not entering retention
  - Cause unknown

* 4430es2panda, 4460pandaes: pwrdm state mismatch on CAM, DSS, ABE

* 4460pandaes: pwrdm state mismatch on IVAHD, TESLA 

* 4430es2panda: CORE, TESLA, IVAHD, L3INIT didn't enter target state
  - Probably due to lack of reset code for M3, DSP, SL2IF, FSUSB
    per discussion with Tero Kristo
  - Likely dependent on the bootloader version
    - fails with 2012.07-00136-g755de79

* 3730 Beagle XM: does not serial wake from off-idle suspend when console
  UART doesn't clock gate ("debug ignore_loglevel")
  - Cause unknown
  - Not yet part of the automated test suite
  - Re-tested at v3.7; still failing:


* 4430es2panda: omap_hwmod: l3_instr: _wait_target_disable failed
  - Unknown cause; could be due to the lack of hierarchical enable/disable
    in hwmod code
  - Jon Hunter reports this does not appear with the same X-loader/bootloader
    on his 4430ES2.3 Panda, so could be ES-level dependent

Failing tests: needing local investigation (may be due to testbed issues)

Boot tests:

* AM335x Beaglebone: omap2plus_defconfig kernels don't boot
  - May be fixed now, pending retest:
  - Not yet part of the automated test suite
  - Nishanth Menon & Vaibhav Hiremath report that it works for them
  * May be due to an old U-boot with FDT support problems used here?
    Pending local investigation and re-test

Problems reported by others

* I2C intermittent failures on N900; can break boot
  - "omap_i2c omap_i2c.1: timeout waiting for bus ready"
  - Reported by Aaro Koskinen

* 2420H4: reports "Could not set MPU rate to 4294MHz" on reboot
  - Reported and fixed by Jon Hunter

Branch: test_v3.8-rc4
Test-Serial: 20130120122039
Commit-ID: 7d1f9aeff1ee4a20b1aeb377dd0f579fe9647619
Test-Target-Board-Count: 11

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