[PATCH v4 0/9] ARM: davinci: remoteproc support

Tivy, Robert rtivy at ti.com
Thu Jan 10 19:48:11 EST 2013


At this point we have some examples/tests that exercise the davinci remoteproc framework using a socket layer that exists only in personal repos.  Ohad created rpmsg-based socket support for the kernel using vrings, and along with SYS/BIOS-based content developed by my TI team and others, it allows a SysLink-like MessageQ implementation to be used between the DSP and Linux user apps.  These apps consist of a Linux app communicating with the DSP firmware file loaded by remoteproc.  They rely on the rpmsg-based socket support, so they're of no use without that.

What I can do, for now, is provide a simple DSP firmware file that prints a "Hello, world" to a SYS/BIOS trace buffer that is known to remoteproc, and the remoteproc driver can be used to display the trace buffer contents through debugfs.  However, this won't exercise the run-time component of davinci remoteproc (which is really just interrupt support between the DSP and ARM).  I will do this and upload the firmware file and a README to my GitHub repo.  I will provide just the firmware binary since the capability to build it from source relies on SYS/BIOS, TI IPC, and XDC packages/installations.


- Rob

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> Subject: Re: [PATCH v4 0/9] ARM: davinci: remoteproc support
> On 12/22/2012 3:39 AM, Tivy, Robert wrote:
> > I have uploaded the commits corresponding to this patch set to a
> public repo on GitHub, forked from Linus' v3.7-rc2 tag on his "linux"
> repo.  These commits are on a branch named "davinci-remoteproc", here
> is the URL: https://github.com/RTivy/linux/tree/davinci-remoteproc
> >
> > This should make for an easier review of the changes.
> Thanks. Is there a sample application we could use to exercise the
> driver? Looks like we need some firmware to load on the DSP too.
> Thanks,
> Sekhar

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