[PATCH 4/4] ALSA: pxa27x: rename pxa27x_assert_ac97()

Igor Grinberg grinberg at compulab.co.il
Mon Jan 7 10:41:57 EST 2013

On 01/07/13 16:34, Mike Dunn wrote:
> On 01/07/2013 01:39 AM, Igor Grinberg wrote:
>> On 01/06/13 21:14, Mike Dunn wrote:
>>> This patch does nothing functionally, it just gives the function a new name and
>>> modifies the prototype slightly in order to clarify what the function is doing
>>> (which is not necessarily asserting the reset).
>>> Some commentary also added.
>>> Tested on a palm treo 680 machine.
>>> Signed-off-by: Mike Dunn <mikedunn at newsguy.com>
>> This patch makes sense, but again raising your concern...
>> The gpio_direction_output(reset_gpio, 1) should be called after
>> the change to AF0.
> Can you clarify please?  Don't you mean *before* the change to AF0?  The proper
> values must be set in the GPDR and GPSR/GPCR before changing to AF0, no?  This
> not only makes intuitive sense, it is also consistent with the information in
> the pxa270 developer's manual.  Once AF0 is set, the last values that were set
> for direction and level take immediate effect, no?

Yes, you are right, I've just forgot about the
you introduced in patch 2, so no concern here. Sorry...


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