Reboot hangs on Kirkwood ns2 boards with 3.8-rc2

Andrew Lunn andrew at
Sun Jan 6 03:35:21 EST 2013

On Sun, Jan 06, 2013 at 04:34:55AM +0100, Simon Guinot wrote:
> Hi Andrew and Jason,
> While testing 3.8-rc2 on the ns2 boards (DT based), I noticed that
> reboot is not working. After issuing a reboot, the kernel hangs. No
> error messages are displayed. Moreover, on my non-DT Kirkwood boards,
> reboot is working as expected.
> Am I the only one to experiment this issue ?

Hi Simon

No you are not the only one. There is a patch available, authored by
me, which is identical to what you found.

We have been a bit slow recently pushing fixes into 3.8-rc, vacations,
etc. I plan to spend some time today collecting the fixes together and
sending them upstream.


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