[PATCH] ARM: tegra: cpufreq: move clk_get/put out of function tegra_cpu_init/exit

Peter De Schrijver pdeschrijver at nvidia.com
Wed Jan 2 07:20:46 EST 2013

On Sun, Dec 23, 2012 at 11:35:26AM +0100, Prashant Gaikwad wrote:
> On Saturday 22 December 2012 02:57 AM, Stephen Warren wrote:
> > On 12/21/2012 03:09 AM, Richard Zhao wrote:
> >> tegra_cpu_init/exit will be called every time one cpu core is online or
> >> offline. And all cpu cores share same clocks, redundant clk_get/put
> >> wast time,  so I move them out.
> > I think this is reasonable.
> >
> > Prashant, Peter, any comments?
> >
> > Is any other work in tegra_cpu_init() redundant? Is tegra_cpu_init()
> > supposed to be called due to hotplug, or is that a bug in the cpufreq core?
> Looks good. Also, instead of array we can use single variable for 
> target_cpu_speed.

No. The target_cpu_speed becomes useful once we have clusterswitching. We can
use it to determine if we want to switch to the other cluster.



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